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Full Moon: Libra 8/04

The beautiful Full Moon in Libra is here at a very interesting time, illuminating parts of our lives so that we can find and restore balance. The Full Moon occurring today at its peak (12:45 AEST) on Mercury’s day, with Venus aligned is Mars, it’s a force of passion with bold action and drive.

This full moon is emphasising our personal relationships and whilst we usually find ourselves trying to find time to foster these in between work and other commitments, the current environment is forcing us (quite literally) into isolation with our closest (partners, husbands, kids) and taking us away from friends and external family. This is an opportunity to really look at our relationships as nothing is hidden anymore, especially if you are in the same households. The mannerisms that you maybe have forgotten are now clear, new developments in a person you love may have gone missed and you might actually be at a point of screaming as you feel like it’s now ‘too much’ and you would love to self isolate- on an island; remember to take moments for you, to recharge your batteries (even on quick charge)!

If you are home isolating with yourself, you have an opportunity to discover yourself more intimately, with no distractions (other than the fridge) it may get a little sticky and uncomfortable. In all scenarios, whether with others or self isolation this is the gold, as it invites in a view of all perspectives and engages you in acknowledging what your personal relationships mean to you, how they affect you and whether they are in your highest good. For those relationships outside the home, we can see them for what they are, how much of a gift or how they may not be serving you at this time. Remember, technology is a great tool for keeping connected, so don’t let yourself fall into the trap of forgetting the outside world exist as community is such an important factor in our lives right now.

Peace and harmony at all costs is a motto I align with the Libra Zodiac and as the world is experiencing chaos, we know there is to be relief. The current ‘event’ really showed us how we operate in this world, learning that there is so much than what we see and hear and that we were very much OUT of balance with our true nature, how we engage with Earth is now under scrutiny as we know she deserves more love than every before. The balance is evolving as Earth has been allowed time to breathe because of our situation, flowers are blossoming that usually don’t for another few months, butterflies, dragonflies and bee’s are everywhere as the transformation, the levelling of the scales is occurring, we just have to trust and move through this stage with Earth, with connection and with patience.

If you are an Air sign during this Full Moon, you may be experiencing a boost of creativity, passion and an urge to be bold in your next move. The water signs are being invited to rest, be introspective and identify where there may be energy loss, where is your focus? Fire signs, your community and sense of well-being is poignant as well as your relationships. Be aware with such intense interaction and constant company you might fly off the handle, breathe and remember to have your own solitude moments. Earth signs, your perspectives on how you work and interact with those in your industries or fields are emphasised, but also your routines in your health and family life. Is there room for improvement, what have you been avoiding that will ultimately aid you in feeling better and those around you?

Enjoy this time as the balance is being restored in more ways than is visible to the naked eye. Take some to connect with yourself and honour the relationship that is most important, you. See other perspectives whilst fostering you own, allow the love in and be playful with the manic states of chaos and watch the energy shift. Trust the scales will balance and do what you can to live your fullest expression in these interesting times.

Love and other things xo


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