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Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse: July 5 2020

Like the world couldn’t get any more interesting!

We are coming off an eclipse trifecta with the final eclipse of the winter months (or summer depending on where you are) occurring July 5th with the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Throughout this year (and last) we have been experiencing a huge Capricorn influence as the world is going through, what some may call a nervous break down, where systems are collapsing, structures and laws are becoming obsolete and a call for a new way of life is rising.

The Full Moon expression is the culmination of the intentions you set in the New Moon phase, personally I had a huge creative experience and found myself experiencing the Cancer and Capricorn axis and balancing point this Full Moon presents. Cancer is the emotional depths of who we are, our roots and our homely presence whilst Capricorn is that voice that rises from the inside about how we are operative in the world in a public and professional manner- our responsibility. Finding the balance between the two is something we can relate too ‘work-life balance’, but this phrase has taken a new meaning within the context of our ‘new world’.

How do we express ourselves in a new environment? We are all being triggered in the societal constructs by media, new, events and opinions of others. We are constantly hit with new information daily and it affects us emotionally and professionally. This is the Cancer/Capricorn affair, we desire a leader that takes responsibility that has morale, structure, formality with understanding, caring and the ability to nurture a country and its people.

With the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse everything is amplified, new intentions can be made that are in the genre of the energy of this time and they are projected way beyond what you could ever believe to be possible, supported and heard.

The aspects of this Lunar Eclipse are quite favourable (I KNOW! I didn’t think I would be saying it either!). With it’s oppositions and square aspects being affected by the degree to which they sit- the powerful energy of Mercury’s opposition (whilst also in retrograde erghhh) is a little kinder on the battle front. Communication is still a touch and go subject, be aware that you might be a little irrational or quick to bite the head off because you’ve processed the words BUT Mercury is sextile Uranus- so if you have been thinking about having a conversation that is a little left of centre, it will be better received in this energetic space.

Now, I am still growing to understand the fixed stars so I can not offer as much depth in regards to these aspects (yet 😉 ) but, this Lunar Eclipse has really favourable aspects to the Fixed Stars of our cosmos- Sirius, Athena, Ascella etc. With these aspects a sense of love, creativity, success both in the business and within personal endeavours can be tapped into. Even though the world is falling apart in some regards, as the walls fall down around us we are discovering pieces of ourselves, chunks of gold that we have found in the rubble in which we will build our futures from.

So, be patient with yourself in this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Set yourself an intention around your work/life/love balance, discover where you feel a responsibility to serve in this world and in your home. Acknowledge what all the changes in the world have brought you and build your castle from the gold in the rubble. Communication and discovery of multiple perspectives, discernment and truth!

If you need anything, remember just to ask 😊

Love and other things xoxo

Art by: Ruth Crone Foster


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