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Full Moon October 2020

This full moon in Aries is probably the most intense full moon of the year, well to be honest, this week astrologically, is pretty significant.

There is a heaviness that is present, a pressure that will not lift and it isn’t going anywhere. The challenges, delays, limitations, and conflicts are coming to the surface as we enter this state or purging, releasing and beginning again.

This Full Moon has some extra ‘oomph’ to it with Chiron’s influence. This can be a little confronting as the past trauma can be stirred, the most hurt part of your soul awakened as we are asked to take it’s hand and walk it through the canal of suffering, embracing it as we look on in this moon phase and release it to the skies.

This energy has the ability to deal with the deepest parts of you, what is it that can finally be accepted?

In addition to this madness (haha) there is some insane planetary aspects. Pluto is stationing in Capricorn also- so the most potent release of the things holding us in this 3d reality are going to be experienced. For the next few months we are definitely experiencing more than just a detox- but a great reset.

Take the time to become aware of the healing available to you in this time. It is not just for ‘you’ anymore as the energy in this Aries full moon brings the opportunity to heal past, present and future, ancestral trauma and pave the path towards a new way of action. Keep fuelling yourself with healthy, nourishing food and thoughts so that your body can do it’s best to keep up with the energy coming that isn’t going to slow down.

Maybe it’s time to grieve the world as we knew it before, to actively pick up our armour and accept the preparation for a new world- but how it plays out is all up to you.


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