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It Always Exists

Do you feel like we are just waiting for the ‘event’ or the ‘happening’? All this commotion, the virus, the economic collapse, conspiracies, arrests, exposure, mass media, truths and revelations leading to a moment an event, that will be ‘it’?

I have had so many discussions about this over the past few days and come to realise that this moment has already passed, already exists and is currently happening. As timelines exists in simultaneous nature, the timing of when we experience these realities are ultimately in our own control, choosing which stream to put your boat in to flow down river.

Whilst we all feel like animals trapped in cages, locked in zoo enclosures or habitats, we are all waiting for the event to cease, to be released back into the wild. To wander without an agenda, to share our homes and experiences or find ourselves engaged in community again. Will it ever return to a similar state, and evolved state, or has the corner been turned?

Just something to discuss is physical touch, our tactile sense. Physical connection has been dramatically reduced and even though we can connect using technological channels our physical innate nature is being suffocated, but as it descends into the darkness it begins to resist the journey and we feel the anxiety of going under. We are community, are they aiming to dismantle collective power? We must find ways to grow and engage, thinking outside the box.

We read bodies, they have their own language, they are a form of art and now we find ourselves remote viewing these intricacies from afar. If you have the ability to engage in embrace, do so, more frequently than ever and if you don’t, get outside touch the trees, the grass, run your fingers through the waters and listen for the call of nature’s inhabitants, becoming increasingly aware of the life force around you, thriving and bringing warmth to an experience that feels cold. So as we continue to watch this unfold, be aware of the little things that are so important to the make up of our human nature, the gift of the grounded physical experience and don’t let that be taken from you (but also, don’t be a germ sharing a**h***).

This moment exists, has been and is to come, it’s like all the meals existing in the one restaurant, all prepped, ready served, just waiting for you to choose which table you’re going to sit at.

Love and other things xo


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