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Lead on the Edge

Have you ever felt like you were on the verge on a breakthrough or something that you have been asking for was within your grasp? That a those momentary downstream thoughts had brought you to a place of allowing (but then you only allow the sensation for about 2 seconds) then you are in a dream being thrown from you car flying through the air at 100km p/h.

Each day I wake to a new vibration- I do write and I do things, move then silently sit (as still as I possibly can haha) and aim to awaken the world 'inside' of me. I am dancing with the ideas of my purpose and why I am here; I have come to so many different cross roads in my life, where I could explore them, but to explore them would mean to sacrifice the others. Is it risk that I am scared of, or not knowing what I truly want. I probably have any type of guidance system confused as one day I want to play music the next I want to portray characters, save lives, write books, be a farmer, stay in my relationship and be a mum, run away from my current situation and really run at the possibilities of the world; I have spent 5 years waddling in the contrast and is it now that I am awake enough to realised what it is I want- or think I want? Those days I wish we landed here with a book of guidance! I wouldn't mind if it was full of riddles, but it was somehow shining a light on the path that is for us!

Abraham speaks of taking the road /path of least resistance but where is my path that doesn’t offer any? I am grateful for the contrast because it shows me what do want, what I do want is to discover the real me and it would be great if she could, you know, bob her head up from under the water at some point.An incurable itch of being apart of something bigger than myself, that I was meant for more that what I am currently allowing is my biggest catalyst. What am I not allowing to receive the information for change; what am I keeping so linear that the externals are blocked from what I can and capable of doing?So many questions, I am one annoying student. #abraham #abrahamhicks #kryon #mindfulness #mind #power #relation #advice #powermind #hope #healing #edrecover #adhd #thoughts #things #manifestation #iam #iamknowledge #iamcreative #iamindemand #iammknown #iamtalented #iamcapable #iamgod #love #source


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