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Meditation = Anti-Biotic

Trust what you are being told; from the inside.

If you know me, you'll know I claim to have a pretty good immune system. I come into contact with alot of people on a daily basis and my incredible human body seems to keep it together, until it didn't.

We get signs from our system when we are run down. Usually they begin in the mind, with irritation, tiredness, distractions, inability to focus on what you usually could and a dip in your everyday attitude or drive. This little signal is a tap on the shoulder of "Hey dude, remember me? Yeah you, can you like slow down for a second I need to catch up."

There is a 80 percent chance that I completely ignored all of those signs and well when the mind fails it sends it's last signal flare up and then you have a physicalisation! This could be a head cold, migraine, flu, you name it. You're body is tired, a little weaker than usual and you become a 'little under the weather'.

Listen to your body and engage in some 'Anti-Biotic Meditation'. I know the concept sounds completely wack but it's tapping into YOU to understand YOU. The process takes about 10 minutes and goes like this;

1. Sit, lay, get comfortable and make sure you will not be disturbed (set your timer for 10 minutes if you are time conscious).

2. Breathe deeply and create a bit of rhythm, breathe in -2-3-4 hold 2-3-4 out 2-3-4 hold 2-3-4 and do this 4 times whilst your breathe slows.

3. Once you are calmed ask 'What does my body need right now?'

4. Allow information to flow to you; do not dismiss anything but do try to let your mind wander on the focus of the question. As soon as you feel yourself forcing an answer go back to the breathing count.

5. With the information that you have, you could of been told to 'slow down' or 'patience' or even at times I've been told 'go to the doctor'.

6. Sit with this and allow your energy to flow to you. At this point I actively draw more energy to myself by visualising a gold light entering my heart space. You can try this too- or continue to sit and breathe and acknowledge the connection you have with your body until the 10 minutes is up.

7. Remember to act on what your energy has shared with you. Its important.

My meditation told me to rest, that I didn't need to see a doctor because my body knows what it needed. I still went to the doctors, only to be informed that what my body told me I had was right and it knew that I wouldn't take the anti-biotic because I had my own anti-biotic- my energetic self.

Learning to trust yourself is a big deal, but it is the most incredible journey of your life; because it is your life....

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