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New Moon In Taurus: April 22nd

The New Moon in Taurus, are you ready for the shake up? All the positive and negative characteristics of the dance between Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Zodiacs can send us into a spin, ground yourself, check the facts and let the unravelling begin...

There is a lot of contradictory energy going around. Taurus the enchanting sign that brings focus to beauty, love, materials and the creative flow that is simmering with many individuals as being at home as turned a spotlight on what ‘you’ are capable of.

This new moon period is a little sticky, with the new moon conjunct Uranus, don’t be surprised if unexpected changes or events occur. Be prepared to be unprepared, so it doesn’t send you in a spiral of chaos as you try to make sense of the sudden jolt to the system. Then, when you didn’t think it could get any more intense Saturn chimes in and this is where I can feel myself already acknowledging ‘wtf’ is happening. Saturn in its less positive aspects represents limitation and restriction which is pretty indicative of how a lot of us feel right now, so as we move into a new moon where the creative energies are flowing for change and freedom, we can not help but feel frustrated with our caged


This new moon will have you sorting things out for yourself. Forget being organised and making plans, unless you are comfortable with them falling through. Go with the flow and listen to you inner voice. The new moon will bring even more restlessness, just to add to the restlessness we already feel from our new societal norms. As much as this is an intense new moon phase, the intensity can also support positive motivations and agendas. As I was reading charts and chatting with others over this New Moon period, there was nearly a sense of fear of what is coming in their voices, some less than others.

Do not fear any period of change in life, change is what births us into new experiences. Fearing change is one of the lasts battles of the ego as it tries to keep a mundane routine, to control the four walls you have built around you. Yes this period is going to be intense, you are going to feel like you have all this energy to breathe new things into your space, only to be restricted to how and where you do so.

Don’t box yourself in, you can still explore and engage with this world. I am not suggesting you go hang out in big groups and break the 'law', but you are your own person, you are free to do as you wish as long as you respect the current climate. With Uranus and Saturn emphasising this notion at the moment, it’s a decision of how you allow that to govern your life.

For me, instead of pushing against the system I have settled into acceptance. I would love to pause the calendar and time, pretend this experience is just a big 'break' on reality but that would be missing the point. This is a time to ground the chaotic energy, discover the truth of what is, ASK QUESTIONS, be curious and if you find yourself angry at the world SO BE IT. Let all these experiences OF YOU run their program over the next few days on your operating system (mind and body) and throw out what isn’t needed. CREATE YOURSELF in this NEW PHASE and be ready to ADAPT to what is coming. So in basics terms; You are going to find a new found freedom that you don't feel like you have the ability to express due to restrictions and limitations, do not let that turn to anger or frustration, FUNNEL this energy into a practice or new activity where the heightened energy will support your growth. If you are single and dating is out of the question, look outside the box 'facetime' first dates, relationships will feel like everything is exposed; you are seeing your partner in every light- time to acknowledge and accept what you see or find a new way of looking at it (or away from it). Change is inevitable, ride the wave.

Love and other things xo

If you would like some chilled music for this Thursday coming up, I have been sharing my music on Sound Cloud (tapping into creative energy) so feel free to download or listen at your own leisure.

For more in depth information from a very experienced voice I recommend watching this incredible woman;


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