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New Moon + Solar Eclipse June 2020

The new moon arriving on the 21st of June is a tad more powerful than the usual; we have a solar eclipse and the Solstice! One of the most powerful aspects in astrology is when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction (this means within a few degrees of each other occupying the same space in the sky). It is a very powerful energy, that if harnessed well can be used to give some seriously oomph to the manifesting process of our desires and intentions. This will be particularly beautiful in the countries that can view it as the it is not complete- it will appear as a ring of fire.

The energies of previous eclipses both lunar and solar are being carried forward throughout this eclipse and this years process. We are still amid the breaking down of systems, developing new ways to connect, communicate and operate. This eclipse is formed in-conjunct to Saturn who bears down on the balancing between our freedoms and restrictions.

There is a reckless energy also as we find ourselves so confused with the information we are bombarded with daily. The 'pandemic' use to be a dangerous virus, only now to be detailed as a bacteria that will run its course. How can we feel safe when those we are meant to trust with our well being contradict their words and actions daily? The energy also has a desire to break out in self expression as we are seeing with a Mars influence as protester fill the streets and demand to be heard.

This is also a very emotional time, we feel vulnerable in our current state of existing and its evokes a strong sense for survival. This is a time where if you can dive into the depths of your own self identity, bring forward the most secretive things about you, your desires, traumas, hurts, loves, dream and intentions and let them out during this time in your own way. Sow the seeds you have placed at the back of the cupboard saving for a rainy day.

As new information comes to light we will feel like there is no rest, the energy asks we that we continue to discern for ourselves and look for the illusive patterns that are becoming more prominent to the naked eye. To find the balancing point between freedom and responsibility, between love and hate, between justice and truth. In this Eclipse we will continue to amplify the energy of this year, just remember to trust yourself, listen to your gut and discover your own way of moving forward in a changed world.

Love and other things xo


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