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Pink Libran Full Moon + Easter

Here we are again, the Moon is full and so is the energy of Libra so hold onto your horses, for it doesn’t slow down. One of the awareness’s I’ve had this past week is that each Full Moon cycle that arrives intensifies, each experience I find myself saying how ‘big’ this one is, only to find the following month I am overwhelmed with energy, gratitude and a little fear as it gains momentum.

So, what does it all means in the most simplified way possible? The influence of Libra in this time is a moment to reflect on beauty, balance and harmony. As some of the world enters Spring and others Autumn, we can see the cycles of life happening right before us with such clarity. This weekend, Easter weekend, adds some extra magic of rebirth, reflection and creation. This is truly an incredible energy that if you allow yourself five minutes to breathe into it, I promise you will feel its presence.

This Libran Full Moon (called the Pink Full Moon for blossoming effect) asks for you to reflect on your relationships with others and self. What is serving you and what is not? Where are the scales sitting in your life? Some of us might feel it’s the time to go a little deeper into our relationships, learn a little more about one and other or even more so ourselves. There is also the option of seeing your relationships exactly as they are and taking off the romance adjusted glasses that may have clouded your better judgement.

There are no more requests of what is going on as we go further to ask why it is happening; take this one step further into how and you have utilized this energy well. It’s the opportunity to uproot or stabilize, depart to enter, dive in or get out.

In conjunction with all the retrograde action occurring (see my previous post) it will bring forward the question again of ‘where are we placing our power and authority’?

This couldn’t of come with better timing as Australia enters and electoral phase! We are asked to read in between the lines in what comes our way, what is it the world needs and is asking for when you take impulse, greed, immediate gratification out of the equation, where is this ‘long’ game and where is the love?

So breathe, enjoy, acknowledge the power towards relationships in this time and the creative power you have to manifest everything in your life. It’s so simple its complicated.

Love and other things. xxx


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