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Saturn Retrograde: May 2020

Saturn Retrograde is here and I can feel it. Mercury retrogrades are discussed commonly but the bigger planets don’t get as much attention- but I promise you- this time round, PAY ATTENTION.

Saturn is the kind of like the sensible one in the sky. He is the sober one at a party with a curfew of 10pm. Rules, limitations, restrictions, discipline, long term goals, responsibility and structure are all ruled by Saturn when he is direct, teaching us lessons and keeping us grounded to some degree.

When Saturn goes retrograde it is like having a teacher review our work. In the passing the months we all know whats happened in our world, our lives on personal and professional levels have changed, our communities and social interactions have changed and our national and international existence will never be what it use to be. Saturn in this experience as the ‘limitations’ and ‘restrictions’ have been felt by everyone.

Whenever you see retrograde the RE words are always prominent just like Mercury but with a different energy. Now Saturn is retrograde, we are seeing a reviewing phase in our world- where businesses are re-opening, schools are opening and restrictions are easing to some degree. This is where Saturn says ‘Ok, you’ve sat in the lesson, what have you learned? Will you apply it? Are the structures in place working for you? Is this who you are and what you want? What have you learnt from this experience?’.

Saturn rules Capricorn and this retrograde is pretty much right there in the thick of it. We are really being asked to review our current structures, our discipline and routines, the legal system in which we place authority and how it affect us personally and ESPECIALLY professionally (long term goals!). With Capricorns influence we are going back to the bones of who we are just as human beings, who are you when you take away the identity you associate with ‘things’ and ‘places’?

Saturn is very karmic- so whatever you behaviour you’ve been riding with, expect to see the fruit of that tree either taste pretty good or drop on your head. So use this phase to sort your sh** out and get yourself STRAIGHT for when Saturn goes direct end of September; it's always better to be prepared. If you want a more personal direction on how Saturn is influencing you, check your natal chart and transits- see which house Saturn is transiting, this will give you the theme of what is occurring for you on a more intimate level (or message me and I'll check it out for you).

For me, I feel like we have had this global experience where we have learnt so much about ourselves as a community and family. I have learnt what I can go without and how much less I can consume. I have discovered that I was distracted myself with the tasks of a ‘busy’ life in social and commercial settings- when deep down I was screaming for attention to be placed on myself. The whole process from January to May has been me, in a washing machine and now I am draped over the clothes line drip drying, knowing that I can operate on a different level now, how do I gain momentum in a different direction and what do I want and why I am here? (Taurus energy there!).

I guess as Venus is about to join Saturn in retrograde, even more reflection is coming our way. It feels yucky sometimes-but just sit tight a little longer, 2020 is here to give us clear vision but like the saying goes ‘no mud, no lotus.

Share this post and enjoy the love and other things. xoxo


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