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Scorpio Season + Retrograde

It has been a while since I have let words dance on this page. I have felt as though the words are no longer dancing at a pace easy to interpret, but more like an unending 90’s rave where ‘throw your hands up in the air’ is being remixed on repeat.


I welcome you to Scorpio season, if you felt goosebumps or a shudder reading that statement, I don’t blame you. Scorpio season is the dive into the beautiful depths of everything we ‘truly’ are and are to become. It’s the confrontation of our inner truth with our outer reality, the unravelling of lost desires, passions, and the revelation of the dark egoic manipulation that we can sometimes be vulnerable too. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the 8th house which aspects are directly connected birth, death, sex, transformation, mysteries, merged energies, the depths of our connections, passion and the metaphysical, spiritual magic of the divine. This sounds like A LOT to fear, but all signs have their focal points and Scorpio just happens to house some pretty powerful areas of our lives. I am lucky enough (or am I?) to have 85% of my chart in the 8th house, so I always know when Scorpio season is approaching because I tend to be rather anxious, overwhelmed and putting on a seat belt (or 20).

Scorpio season has begun and just to put a cherry on top, so did Mercury Retrograde. You may feel like you are re-assessing whether you actually have a handle on your life? Re-thinking that you know who you are or feeling seriously confused? THIS IS OK. Scorpio’s influence asks you to go to the darkest parts of your shadow and address them, work with them and let them go. Remember, it is not asking you to go there because those area’s are now prominent (though it might feel like it), it’s asking because the energy is here to SUPPORT your journey there, (so that you may come out alive).

Introducing a retrograde influence into this mix it applies even more emphasis on feeling into these areas, into what drives you, what keeps you passionate, peaceful, weary and questioning things that may not serve you anymore and how to release them.

It’s important in this time to recognise emotions will run high and there is no good ruining your day over a piece of burnt toast. There is a lot going on beneath the surface so try to be proactive in responses to your daily activities and re-check communications, dialogues, check-before-you-text’s to minimise an emotional explosion.

The magic and connective states around this time are also amplified. Engage in some meditation, write in a journal, express your feelings, emotions, intentions and desires on paper to get them out of the hamster wheel in your mind. The crystal energy of the planet is gradually increasing too, so if you are interested- take yourself on a crystal shopping date and find a treasure that speaks to you within this time.

The key (for me especially) is solitude. We have the ability to be connected at all times, with our phones and applications are programmed to create distractions, so we can feel overwhelmed by a bunch of habits and reactions that aren’t relevant to the true nature of ourselves. Spending time with yourself requires no explanation, do no feel selfish for disconnecting, for taking some time to be with yourself and I recommend going out into nature, breathing space, watching life unfold in the subtle energies of this Earth. Energy is flowing to us at an increasing rate and by finding time to be alone with yourself allows for that energy to ground and move through you instead of creating chaos.

Ultimately, don’t lose yourself in the chaos that is waiting behind the big bold doors. There is so many lessons in darkness and when you can find ease within yourself to look at the darkness for it’s teachings, you start to move in a new way, less reactive and more proactive; to observe before decision.

Do not be afraid of yourself, the things that you feel make you ‘yucky’ or the traits you have tried to hide. They are waiting to be birthed through to the surface so they can move on or evolve into lighter parts of your being, sit with your uncomfortable self and love it in the moment.

Get clear on your passion, your true nature, your divinity and when you are unsure, ask again and again as the retrograde energy support the clarity of the pressing questions.

Let go, breathe and find your heartbeat and come back to focus, come back to you, come home.

Love and other things. xoxo


If you need support or have any questions during this time, please get in contact. Happy to be of service. <3


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